11 Easy Tips to Prep Your Home for Real Estate Photography


If you’re selling your home, real estate photography can make a big difference. Preparing your home properly can help capture stunning images that will attract potential buyers. You want your home to look its best in every photo.

Start by cleaning and decluttering each room. Less clutter makes spaces look bigger and more inviting.

Natural light is your best friend, so make sure to open all curtains and blinds.

Small touches, like fresh flowers or a neatly arranged bookshelf, can make a room feel more welcoming.

Each detail matters because buyers often focus on photos when choosing which properties to visit. Follow these tips to make sure your home shines in every shot.

Declutter and Depersonalize

Creating a clean and neutral space is key for real estate photography. To do this, you need to remove personal items and clear counters and surfaces.

1. Remove Personal Items

Personal items can distract potential buyers. Remove family photos, kids’ artwork, memorabilia, and personal collections. Store them in a box or closet where they can’t be seen.

Fridge magnets/photos, calendars, magazines, remote controls, soap, books, iPads, and glasses are common items that get left out that should be hidden away.

We want to keep the rooms as neutral as possible.

2. Clear Counters and Surfaces

Counters and surfaces should be clear to make spaces look larger. Kitchen counters should only have a few nice items like a bowl of fruit or a coffee maker.

In the bathroom, put away makeup, toothbrushes, and any personal toiletries.

Remove clutter from tables, desks, and shelves. A few well-placed decor items can make areas look stylish without being busy or overwhelming. This helps highlight the space rather than what’s in it.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Making the outside of your home attractive will create a great first impression. Focus on improving the landscaping and the front entrance for the best results.

3. Landscaping

Start by mowing the lawn and trimming the edges. A neat lawn immediately looks inviting. Prune any overgrown bushes or trees to keep a tidy appearance.

Keep garbage and recycle bins out a view. Same goes for bicycles, toys, sprinklers, and lawn tools.

Flowers, or flower pots, can add color and a cheerful vibe. If it’s winter, leave fresh snow untouched.

Use fresh mulch in garden beds. Mulch not only helps plants but also gives the yard a polished look.

Finally, straighten up and arrange your deck furniture.

4. Front Exterior

Often the first photo on MLS or Realtor.ca is the front of your home. So prepping the outside of your home is essential.

Remove all vehicles from the driveway and ensure there is a clear view of the front of the house.

Install or update the house numbers. Make sure they are clearly visible and stylish.

Make sure the pathway to your door is clean and clear.

Your front door, surprisingly, can make a big difference. Consider painting or updating your door to make the front entry appear more inviting.

Maximize Natural Light

Bright, well-lit rooms make great first impressions. Enhancing natural light in your home can highlight its best features and make spaces appear larger and more inviting.

5. Window Cleaning

Clean windows let in more light. Dirt, grime, and streaks can block sunlight and make rooms feel dim.

6. Curtain and Blind Adjustment

Blinds should be opened to their fullest extent. When taking photos we want an unobstructed view of the outside.

Keep window spaces clear of furniture or large decor items that could also block light. This can greatly enhance the daylight entering your home.

Stage Each Room

Preparing your home for real estate photography involves creating an inviting atmosphere. It’s important to make each room look spacious and appealing.

7. Create More Open Space By Moving Furniture

Arrange furniture to make rooms feel bigger. Try moving furniture away from walls to open up some space.

Tip: Remove unnecessary items such as extra chairs or tables. Doing this can help make the room feel more open and inviting.

Place furniture in a way that highlights the room’s purpose, like arranging chairs around a coffee table in a living room. This arrangement helps buyers see the room’s function clearly.


  • Move furniture away from walls
  • Remove extra pieces
  • Use smaller furniture in small rooms
  • Highlight the room’s purpose

8. Decor Selection

Choose simple, neutral decor. Bold colors or busy patterns can be distracting. Neutral tones help buyers imagine their own items in the space. Keep the decor consistent throughout the house to create a cohesive look.

Add a few key pieces like a stylish vase or a cozy throw blanket. These touches can make rooms feel warm and inviting.

Avoid overdecorating; keep surfaces like kitchen counters and coffee tables clear except for one or two decorative items.

Replace personal photos with neutral artwork if possible. This helps buyers picture themselves in the home. Fresh flowers can add a touch of color and life to any room.


  • Use neutral tones
  • Consistent decor throughout the house
  • Add simple decorative items
  • Remove personal photos
  • Incorporate fresh flowers

Address Minor Repairs

Fixing minor issues can make a big difference when preparing your home for real estate photography. Pay attention to these small repairs to help your home look its best.

9. Replace Burnt Out Lightbulbs

Good lighting is essential for great photos. Walk through each room and check all light fixtures. Replace any burnt out bulbs with new ones.

This simple task can make your home appear brighter and more appealing in photos.

10. Wall Imperfections

Inspect your walls for any marks, scratches, or holes. Patch small holes with spackling paste and sand smooth once dry. Use touch-up paint to cover repaired areas, making sure it matches the existing color closely.

Also, wipe down walls to remove dust and grime, especially in high-traffic areas. Clean walls can significantly improve the overall visual appeal of your home.

11. Fixture Updates

Outdated or broken fixtures can be distracting. Replace old or damaged handles, knobs, and faucets with modern ones. This change can give your home a fresh, updated appearance.

These are quick fixes that can increase the value of your home when selling.

Updating fixtures is a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s look without major renovations. Small changes can have a big impact on potential buyers.

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